Southern Hawk

An orphaned teenage girl must journey through 19th century Otago with her Chinese kung-fu teacher to rescue her kidnapped brother.

That’s the gist of the epic action coming of age family adventure currently under development with the New Zealand Film Commission. It’s an amazing journey financing a film and one I am committed to completing for this amazing story by my partner, Writer/Director Andy Conlan.

John the Film Guy

I have produced films of various types since the early 80’s. In my first production I worked with John Hawkesby before he was at his peak!

There’s much more to write here when I get a chance, but for starters, here’s my last feature co-produced with my Director partner, Lisa Burd.


It was a fun shoot and I was delighted with the result. It was the best attended kiwi feature at the DocEdge Film Festival in 2018!

Play the trailer

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