Business and Job Growth for the Coast

Hard work makes success…most of the time! So this blog page on what I can do for business and job growth in our area ends with a commitment to hard work with the areas that can qualify for the BID structure Council offers through its Boards.

I start with the basic feeling that if you grow business, you automatically grow jobs. Growing jobs is important to offer more people the chance to work close to home resulting in less commuting on congested roads, reduced emissions and spending locally that feeds even more business growth.

We recently read this good news:

Argosy develops for Mighty Ape at Silverdale

Argosy Property Ltd has bought 22,575m² of land at the Highgate Business Park in Silverdale for $8.1 million and a $14.2 million development at the site for online store Mighty Ape Ltd.

Argosy chief executive Peter Mence said yesterday Mighty Ape, an Argosy tenant at 1 Rothwell Avenue, Albany, was on an expiring lease and was relocating due to the expansion of its business.

The development will consist of 9000m² of warehouse & 1500m² of office, as well as 116 parking spaces. Practical completion is scheduled for September 2017 and the development is expected to have a return on cost of 7.35%.

Mr Mence said Mighty Ape had agreed to sign a new 10-year net lease starting from the date of practical completion, with 2-yearly rent reviews to market.

This is a growth business saying the Coast is the place to be. They wont be the only ones. Silverdale is our business hub. It comprises industry (in the East), older retail and services in the main avenue on the Western side which accesses the massive new retail centre that is growing in leaps and bounds. Some will lament that growth is partially at the expense of Pacific Plaza. On the other hand, we have growth in local jobs so it’s good, if somewhat evolutionary. Pacific Plaza will be reborn. Watch that space!

Anyway, business growth is key to job growth. How do we grow business? First we make it a centre of success. If you move to our area, we want you to be able to see we have a great talent base and that other businesses show success. We make land space available (done). We support the new and existing businesses to make the place appealing for their customers and employee teams.

This is where Council through the Local Board comes in. Local Boards partner with Local Business associations to deliver on goals stated on the Council’s BID’s page like

  • promotions, events and marketing campaigns
  • business support and enterprise
  • local economic development activities
  • skill and expertise development
  • crime prevention initiatives
  • networking and shared services
  • local improvement projects
  • advocacy to local and central government.

Currently we have four BIDs in our Board area. They’re Orewa in the subdivision I’m standing in, with Mairangi Bay, Brown’s Bay and Torbay in the Bays area.

They’re generally an employee of one part time or full time Executive Officer. Anyone operating a business within a defined area for each one is entitled to join. Each of them can stand for the managing committee and they pay a targeted rate that funds them.

Working towards those goals make their areas more attractive to business, customers, employees and everyone who uses their areas. It’s win/win/win.

So right now what we ideally want in the Hibiscus Subdivision of the Board are strong Business Associations in both Silverdale and Whangaparaoa that can generate BIDs in their areas. In this current year the Board has commissioned a survey of Whangaparaoa business to create an awareness of how these businesses feel right now. It will uncover the climate for a business association and a database that can be used to generate that Association if there is assessed to be a demand. In Silverdale, the Board is working with the existing association to help it get to the stage where it can meet the requirements of a BID and get one active within the area.

So what can I do? Why should you vote for me to help make these things happen? The Board currently operates 18 portfolios. The BIDs probably come under the Economic Development Portfolio, so as a priority I need to try and be part of that team. Regardless of the result of that effort, I need to get alongside the folks at Silverdale Business Association and find out how I can help them grow. Then I need to be part of reacting to and building on the information from the Whangaparaoa Business Survey when its results are available.

Then it’s about working hard to go from vision to plan to executing the plan. Looking at the speed such things seem to move at, maybe that takes two terms. I’ll simply work hard at making it happen. I’ll get to every meeting covering these two BID’s issues and get alongside the folks at Orewa to learn about how to make operating BIDs successful.

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