Let’s control weeds without chemicals

Back in July, before anyone else had even declared their candidacy for these elections, I announced six key areas for me to advocate in if I was elected for the Local Board. I’d already attended every Board public meeting up till then and I’d read much about people’s passion for chemical free weed management across Auckland. We here on the Coast seemed just as adamant and concerned as everywhere else. Why Auckland Council has continued down such an unpopular path when clear natural alternatives exist is quite beyond me. Here’s what I wrote in my July 7 article:

A recent scientific study by chemical manufacturers has declared that Roundup may not be a carcinogen. Hardly a conclusive study! It is my belief and seemingly the view of most of our local residents that we don’t want Roundup or any other chemical based weed control in our area. I am 100% behind moves to ensure that any Glyphosate based chemicals be banned from Auckland Council weed control programmes. I’m more than happy that manual and water based weed control may cost more, but will ensure that we have invested in healthy ways to deal with the issue. Do we really want the possibility of looking back in 30 years and finding that a little more money would have prevented multiple negative health incidents?

For me, I don’t need “facts” on this. I know how deadly Agent Orange was to the American  Alliance’s soldiers after Vietnam. I know they were told it was safe. I know the best studies in the world can not beat the evidence of time. I see no reason other than a little bit of money why we continue to use the chemical solution. Let’s keep standing up for this. Let’s spend that little extra and let’s stay safe in ourselves and in our places we call homes, streets, and the rivers and oceans those streets spill their storm water in to. Let’s make Auckland Glyphosate free.

It’s not an issue that requires more words. It’s quite straight forward. If you agree, join in the movement at Spray Free Streets.

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